When buying a house, the condition of the roof should always be taken into consideration, but it might not be until you move in that you find a serious problem. Leaving a damaged roof will only make the problem worse. If you do find that you need a repair or a completely new roof that will protect your most valuable asset and all the contents inside then please feel free to contact us and we can come and give you a no obligation quote to rectify the problem.

Our reliable, skilled team of roofers can provide you with a professional and cost affective service whether it is a major re-roofing project or just a minor domestic repair. If we have just built you an extension or a new house then our roofing services will be included.

There are many types of roofs to choose from, here are a couple of the materials we use: Concrete interlocking roof tiles - these are probably the most common and widely used roofing materials around. It is available in many colours and patterns and can be the most cost effective.

Slate roofing – these are probably the most oldest and effective way of covering a house. It has a beautiful appearance to it and will last for years to come. Again there are many colours to choose from and it is available in different sizes and thickness to complement any house. For information about all our roofing services, please feel free to email us and we will help anyway we can.