As an established a recognised building company in Essex, we specialise in all aspects of brickwork, including large new developments to simple exterior wall building. If it is a garden wall, a simple brick fireplace or you would like a new build or a double storey extension then let our experienced team of tradesman complete this project for you. We use both traditional (reclaimed) and modern materials and find that using both together can create that extra high standard of finish. When it comes to brickwork, we can build you anything you require in any bonds.

Here are some of the many brick bonds you can have.

  1. English Bond
  2. Stretching Bond
  3. Flemish Bond
  4. Heading Bond
  5. Garden Wall Bond
  6. Zig Zag Bond
  7. Dutch Bond

These are the methods we use where bricks are interlocked or joined in certain ways to create a pattern. We will be only too happy to discuss this in more detail with you when we come to see you.